Marina di Ragusa

Marina di Ragusa is a fraction of the Municipality of Ragusa in South Eastern Sicily. In recent years the town has recorded a constant increase in tourist presence, also thanks to the continuous public and private investments that amplify the resonance at Italian and European levels.

Without fear of contradiction, it can be said that today the hamlet is the most important tourist reality on the Iblean coast and probably of the whole of Eastern Sicily.

Marina di Ragusa has four thousand residents during the winter and over fifty thousand during the summer peak season with tourists. In recent years the town has been considerably enriched with various types of accommodation facilities, as well as chalets, restaurants, pubs and various recreational venues, thanks to the incessant increase in tourism.

Today Marina di Ragusa is a well-known tourist destination that welcomes thousands of tourists and vacationers, especially during the summer period, but it is also a destination for several elderly people who come to spend the winter here, all thanks to the exceptional climate, the clear sea and beautiful beaches.

Marina di Ragusa

Brief historical notes

Mazzarelli was for centuries the original name of Marina di Ragusa, the meaning of which is "small port". Like almost all seaside areas of Sicily, its coasts were used for trade by sea and still retain ancient buildings that have certainly influenced the development of the seaside village.

To protect trade, in fact, the Cabrera Tower was built, representing the monument par excellence from which the town's urbanization began. Built around the seventeenth century, it served to protect trade by sea from continuous pirate raids. The small village of Marina di Ragusa grew up around the mighty tower, whose economy was based above all on fishing, agriculture, and maritime trade.

The evolution of the town

During the nineteenth century, Marina di Ragusa took on the appearance of a small seaside town inhabited by humble fishermen and farmers. At the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Ragusan aristocracy began to build summer houses that are still clearly visible today. Several holiday homes from the end of the 19th century are of extraordinary representation, such as Casina Nifosì, the Acquilini house, Arezzo house, Schininà house, La Rocca-Impellizzeri palace, the Criscione house.

Map of Marina di Ragusa

The benefit of staying in Marina di Ragusa is due to its position, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, always bathing in Sunlight. Located on the southeastern coast of Sicily, it is one of the most southern centers of the island. Ragusa, the capital of the province is just 25 km from Marina di Ragusa.
The map is interactive and indicates the center of Marina di Ragusa, the New Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi:


Where to stay in Marina di Ragusa

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How to reach Marina di Ragusa


There are four airports in Sicily, two in eastern Sicily and two in the western part. Reaching Sicily by plane is the most convenient way.
Eastern Sicily Airports
Western Sicily Airports

By Land

A car is the best solution to move from Marina di Ragusa considering the many cultural sites nearby. There is no toll parking in town but several squares where you can park for free are present.
More information on our page “Directions

Beaches of Marina di Ragusa

Sand beaches are free
Marina di Ragusa is a perfect place for summer holidays considering the excellent climate, clear sea and golden beaches  free of use. With its shallow waters and so ideal for families with children. The comfortable beaches, the highlight of Marina di Ragusa, are splendid for taking long walks by the sea.
The beaches of Marina di Ragusa stretch for about two kilometers from the new harbour (west side) to the end of the Andrea Doria promenade (east side). There are five bathing facilities, but there are also free beaches equipped with several free municipal showers.
Since 2006 Marina di Ragusa has been awarded the Blue Flag recognized by the Fee, thanks to the quality of the water, the environmental protection activities and presence of services and safety guard on the beaches. Another its recognition is the Green Flag for the safety of children.

Bathing facilities (lidi in italian) in Marina di Ragusa

The free beaches are at times interrupted by bathing establishments (five along the coast of Marina di Ragusa, at about 400 mt away from each other) ideal for the rentals of sun umbrellas, deck chairs or cabins and that provide also breakfast, lunches or dinners on the sea.
In Sicily the bathing establishments usually open in April and close in November.
The bathing establishments in Marina di Ragusa from west to east (i.e. from the harbour till the end of Lungomare Andrea Doria)

Beaches nearby Marina di Ragusa

Heading west:
After the new harbour begins santa "barbara village". The sandy beaches disappear and a 2.5 km cliff begins with clear water, excellent for those who love to dive in the sea and sunbate on the rocks. DIstance to cliff can be covered on foot or by bicycle since it is lined, for its entire length, by a cycle path.
Just after the cliff and the cycle path, you arrive in Casuzze and immediately after Caucana. They are both small villages in the municipality of Santa Croce Camerina inhabited only in the summer months with free fine sandy beaches.
Proceeding, you arrive in Punta Secca, the setting of the fiction "Il Commisario Montalbano". To complete, passed Punta Secca, before Scoglitti, the uncontaminated beach of Randello is absolutely one of the most beautiful beaches in South Eastern Sicily, rich of dunes and typical vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub.
Heading East:
At the end of the "Lungomare Andrea Doria", begins the "Nature Reserve of the Irminio River", protected area managed by the Regional Province of Ragusa, a beautiful place for those who love to walk among the silence of nature and the rare and native plants typical of the Mediterranean scrub.
Continuing after the Reserve, we enter the territory of Scicli, where we first find the beach of Playa Grande and then the village of Donnalucata.
Beyond Donnalucata we find:

What to see

The opportunity of combining seaside holidays with characteristic places to visit makes eastern Sicily a very requested destination for tourists. Sicily, a popular land since ancient times, has always had a succession of dominations, which, however, were not the same throughout the island.

Eastern Sicily maintains more characters related to classical Greek culture, unlike North Western Sicily which has had a greater Arab-Norman influence.

The strategic position of Marina di Ragusa, located in the center of the southeastern coast of Sicily, makes the town the ideal place to stop and move around to visit the nearby interest sites.

What to see in less than 1 hour driving 

The beautiful city of Ragusa and Ragusa Ibla, which is just 25 km away and declared as Unesco World Heritage, is an ancient Baroque style village, which is located on a hill. It has a special atmosphere to walk through massed houses and narrow alleyways. There are eighteen between churches and monuments declared as Unesco World Heritage, rich in decorations and curvy lines typical of the Baroque in Sicily.

Scicli is 15 km from Marina di Ragusa and 25 km from Modica. Its historical centers in the Baroque style declared part of "Unesco World Heritage" are really something to admire. Baroque architecture in eastern Sicily is characterized by narrow limestone streets, picturesque views, elegant buildings, and imposing and majestic churches with unique facades.

At about 8 km west you can visit the small village of Punta Secca, made famous from the TV series “Il Commisario Montalbano”, also known for its beautiful sunsets. From Marina di Ragusa it can be reached also by foot.

Just few kilometers away from Punta Secca, through a lovely country road full of ancient 19th century villas you reach Donnafugata Castle, the ancient summer residence of the aristocratic Arezzo family of Ragusa Ibla. Today the castle is a museum which allows you to visit the rooms with antique furniture, the magnific botanic gardens and a significant collection of ancient family clothing.

Kamarina (or Camarina), 18 km away, today is a regional museum with ancient remains of what was once an impressive and thriving Greek city in the sixth century B.C. The small museum preserves the largest collection of amphorae found in the Mediterranean, as well as different types of vase decorations typical of the Hellenic period.

What to see in less than 2 hour driving 

Things to do

Events and traditions

Local Market of Ragusa and Marina di Ragusa

Every Tuesday the local market of Marina di Ragusa take place in Padre Pio Square, a central area of the town. Starting usually around 08:00 am until 01:00 pm. There are many different sellers of typical Sicilian products, such as fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, cheeses, clothing and household items. During summertime, from mid June to mid September the local market is held also on Fridays.
Here is list of local markets in the municipality of Ragusa:


Marina di Ragusa is known for its beautiful beaches, but it is also a young people's destination due to its vibrant nights. The nightlife is all around the center, near Piazza DUca Degli Abruzzi and on the Lungomare Andrea Mediterraneo where local pubs make it perfect with aperitifs and live music. In recent years, however, there has been a change in the youth nightlife, thanks to the opening of pubs, bars and restaurants in the new touristic harbour of Marina di Ragusa. The new meeting point was an excellent compromise for the residents of the towns center.

Summer weekends, and not only, are bustling thanks to the Koala disco. It is only 2 km away from Marina di Ragusa, is open every weekend both in summer and in winter, and is a reference point for thousands of young people. Thanks also to the variety of the music and the outdoor dance floors, the Koala disco is one of the best-known disco-clubs in Eastern Sicily.

Many events are organized by the Municipality of Ragusa during July and especially August. A calendar of events taking place within the Municipality of Ragusa is published every year with a list. Marina di Ragusa, Ragusa Ibla and Donnafugata Castle give life to dozens of different events: live music concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions and shows.

Sports activities and excursions

There are different possibilities to practice outdoor activities in Marina di Ragusa. There are various sport facilities in three different area of the town, Jesuiti Village, along the cycle path and at the promenade Andrea Doria, just in front of Andrea Doria Residence. Additionally, there are two gyms in town.
Both in Jesuiti Village and in Caucana, just in front of the archaeological site there a five-a-side soccer fields and tennis courts. The two cycle paths connected each other by the pedestrian zone have a total length of about 4.5 km. It is possible to run, cycle, walk or skate there.
Those who love water sports can easily rent tender boats or jet skis! When the sea is rough or it is windy many young people gather waiting for the right moment to either surf, kitesurf or sail.
For sportfishing passionate it is possible to go fishing by boat with real professionals.
One thing’s for sure, you will never get bored in Marina di Ragusa.

Diving Activities

What if I told you that you could go to another planet? For a moment you could be a hero, a fish, an astronaut or a mermaid? That you could feel the absence of gravity, the thrill of flying or that you could breathe underwater? Because scuba diving means all this, just one step is enough to become part of the sea!
Silvia, a great passionate and a PSS certified diving instructor can guide you to discover fantastic seabeds, abandoned wrecks or dives in the blue. Even if it’s the first time, no worries. In complete safety you can experience the thrill of the underwater world and, who knows….afterwards, you probably would never never want to stop ..
Mobile Phone: +39 3294966108

Kalura excursions

Out of all the excursions that can be done, those proposed by the Kalura association of Ragusa are really interesting, managed by expert hiking guides who organize trekking and walking routes in the Ragusa area as well as throughout Sicily.
Try an authentic experiences such as traveling through a territory discovering it from a point of view that tourists can rarely see. Various itineraries are waiting for you, from simple ones, suitable also for children, to more complex trekking ones, all aimed at a naturalistic experience that can enrich you both from a cultural and emotional point of view.
Each excursion includes a lunch or a typical tasting of the visited area, for more information visit:

La Terra Travel Agency

The Travel Agency “La Terra” is a reference point for excursions and operates throughout the territory in the Province of Ragusa, there are offices in Marina di Ragusa, Modica and Ragusa. The main strength of the agency is the fleet of buses used to guarantee the dozens of excursions, events and services throughtout Sicily. Possibility to book through their website, even if you have only one day available.
Among the many excursions they organize there are: Modica, Scicli, Ragusa Ibla and Donnafugata, Syracuse and Ortigia, Noto, Marzamemi by night, Etnaland water park, Catania by Night, Scala dei Turchi and Agrigento, lakes of Avola and Marzamemi, Taormina by night, Noto by night, Gole Alcantara and Taormina, Buccheri med fest, Malta by night and Malta in one day.
They offer transfers and private excursions both for individuals or for groups.
For information regarding events, concerts and other offers please visit their website:

Where and what to eat in Marina di Ragusa

When it comes to Sicily, one cannot fail to mention its excellent food. Since the ancient Greeks, Sicilian cuisine was special from many points of view. The cuisine in Sicily is a set of ancient traditions, of foods and flavours that have been enriched and evolved over the centuries, due to the continuous historical events of the island.
The myriad of dishes on the island ensures that there is no typical cuisine. Many dishes vary from province to province and even from commune to commune, and that is the reason why certain dishes are not present in parts of Sicily.
Restaurants menus in Marina di Ragusa are mostly based on fish with many different dishes to taste. Many places are suitable for young people that hang out after dinner until late at night.
Restaurants and Pisserias
Agriturismi (farm house)
Bars and Ice Cream Shops
Street Food