Scoglitti beaches

Bordering the archaeological park of ancient Kamarina, is Scoglitti, a hamlet of Vittoria. The country began to develop around its landing from the seventeenth century. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it became an important commercial port from which the ships departed with the agricultural products of the hinterland. The most precious product that attracted foreign merchants was the Chiaramonte, Comiso and Vittoria wines, which when shipped to Scoglitti were called "the Scoglitti". When the wine trade stopped, in the early 1900s, the village became home to fishermen and peasants.
Today it is an excellent agricultural centre and the most important fishing port in the province of Ragusa. In summer, the village is transformed into a seaside tourist centre with two large beaches: the Camarina Riviera and the Gela Riviera. The first takes its name from the nearby Greek city and in it lies the mouth of the old river “Ippari”, bounded by huge sand dunes. The Gela Riviera runs for several kilometres in the direction of Gela.
The balmy climate, golden beaches and of course the crystalline sea, attract tens of thousands of vacationers every year, who spend their holidays enlivened by numerous shows offered by the Municipal Administration. There are many shops of all different kinds, including restaurants with excellent seafood.
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Scoglitti enjoys wide and continuous beaches, both on the eastern side towards Marina di Ragusa and on the west side towards Gela.