Randello beaches

Continuing westward, only 15 kilometres from Marina di Ragusa, we come to the Randello Nature Reserve. Hectares of pinewood and Mediterranean scrubland grow along the beach of golden sand, rich in shells and still uncontaminated. Considered among the most beautiful beaches in Italy, it has a limpid sea and a wild landscape, excellent for those who love the peace and quiet.

After the beach, we arrive at the archaeological park and the museum of the ancient Greek city of Kamarina. The beach is about two kilometres long and there are no equipped Lidos here, due to the fact it is a nature reserve.

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Randello Reserve

We recommend a visit to the beach of Randello to all of our customers who like peace and tranquillity, as it is far from the town and is not well frequented. A place perfect for observing and taking photos of the sunset, exploring dunes rich in vegetation and swimming in the clear and transparent sea.