Punta Secca beaches

To the west of Marina di Ragusa, the beaches continue for many kilometres. The fascinating remains of the ancient Byzantine city of Kaukana and its archaeological park can be seen when overlooking the sea. In Punta Secca, with its tiny historical nucleus, there is a characteristic lighthouse of the mid-nineteenth century, along with the remains of the ancient sixteenth-century tower to be seen.
In the last few years, the tourist presences in Punta Secca has increased, since the now famous house of the Commissioner Montalbano is located in the hamlet.
In Punta Secca there is only one “Lido”, "Anticaglie", where it is possible to have lunch, dinner and aperitif by the sea.
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Punta Secca

Punta Secca is located west of Marina di Ragusa, about 6 kilometres. Made famous by the Inspector Montalbano stories, it is a small town full of free-entry sandy beaches.