Donnalucata beaches

Keep going in an easterly direction, about eight kilometres from Marina di Ragusa, you will find Donnalucata, a hamlet of the Municipality of Scicli. The name of this small village probably derives from a source of fresh water that flows on the beach and that in the Arabic period was called "Ayn-al-awqat". Once a fishing village, today it is an agricultural and holiday centre, but has retained much from the past.
Even today you can see several old houses of the late nineteenth century. The church is very characteristic - a little gem! Equally characteristic is the house Mormina Penna, today the seat of the Municipal Council. Its waterfront has been repeatedly used in the television stories of Inspector Montalbano.
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The golden beaches, almost all with free access, stretch out for several kilometres. Travelling in an easterly direction, towards the beaches after Donnalucata, we will find the beaches of Palo Bianco, Palo Rosso, Palo Verde, the Lido Aziz and the beautiful beach of Spinasanta.