Cava D'aliga beaches

A few kilometres further on from Donnalucata you will arrive at the small village of Cava D'Aliga - in the territory of Scicli.
Cava D'Aliga only comes alive in the summer, half of the inhabitants of Scicli enjoy a sea that is always clean thanks to the lack of nearby population centres.
Cava d'Aliga boasts naturalistic beauty especially in the lower cliffs, housing real caves, some amongst the names of The Cave of the Smugglers - a true paradise!
In the area of Punta Corvo, along the provincial coast, there is an old abandoned lighthouse, once used by the Guardia di Finanza, and used in the stories of Inspector Montalbano.
The unique area consists of cliffs and inlets entirely covered by the dwarf palm, typical of the Mediterranean scrub!
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Cava D'Aliga

From its heights, Cava D'Aliga dominates the entire coastline up to Punta Secca with a splendid view of the sea. Even its beach is typical from Ragusa, characterised by a clear, crystal sea.