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Pozzallo can be found about 33 kilometres from Marina di Ragusa. It is the only town in the entire Ragusa coast to be an independent municipality since 1829. It is also the largest, with around twenty thousand inhabitants. It originated in the fifteenth century when the Count of Modica built a tower (Torre Cabrera) both to protect the territory from pirate raids and to protect the commercial activity of its port. From that moment Pozzallo became the most important port of call in the Modica District. Today it is a modern town with its seaport and ferries to and from Malta.
Like Marina di Ragusa, Pozzallo has held a Blue Flag for its beautiful sea and the beauty of its beaches for several years. The town offers bathing establishments with umbrellas, deck chairs and showers, along with numerous nightclubs which help towards its lively nightlife..
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There are three main beaches in Pozzallo: “Pietre Nere” is a wide beach that for the most part is sandy. The second beach, "Raganzino" is a bit smaller than Pietre Nere and more distant from the city centre, where it is sheltered from strong winds. Finally, there is “Spiaggia del Primo and Secondo Scivolo” depending on where you access, these beaches are located just before Santa Maria del Focallo.